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We are founded on the values of people first, positive impact and live your passion with a mission to positively impact businesses and lives for improved health, happiness, safety and performance. How do we redefine wellness at work?

Build key skills for personal accomplishment.

Transform the mundane workday into the extraordinary workday.

Create an environment of connectivity to ensure employee retention.

Encourage well-being while minimizing healthcare costs.

Increase employee satisfaction, thereby enhancing performance.


The workday is changing and evolving, and workplaces vary. Wellness Collective offers a myriad of onsite and virtual solutions that scale well to best suit your needs.

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We design & deliver wellness programs nationwide – and we actually layer wellness experiences into the workday to positively impact the workplace, culture, safety and ultimately the employee ... at work and at home! This includes activities like onsite fitness classes, stress management, tobacco cessation, health coaching and health fairs. We offer you the opportunity to customize your wellness experience to foster a workplace with employees who operate at their best!

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What results can you expect? Let our clients tell you.

After the past few years of participating in the program I have lost 20 pounds, cut my blood pressure meds in half and finally received all the points on my first wellness check.


Wellness Collective has helped to educate me in choosing a healthier lifestyle. I have attended the programs provided at work, “Lunch and Learns”, to learn how to shop healthier, eat healthier and handle stress.


The trainer from Wellness Collective I have worked with has been very knowledgeable and willing to help me reach my goals. The personal training sessions have made me feel comfortable with the equipment we have, and confident that I am doing the workout correctly.


I was struggling with work/life balance and this program really helped me. When I found myself falling back into my normal routine, I would pause and think what can I do for myself, even if it was just 15 - 30 minutes a day. Keeping track every day helped to keep this in front of me and to focus on finding some time for myself. I really appreciate all that you have done for us!


I just want to say, I think this was an excellent program and would like to give the other areas a try. I appreciate all your support and the weekly topics were very helpful. I feel I made significant progress - my biggest accomplishment was establishing a habit of going to the gym on a regular basis and I have moved out of the mindset that if you miss a day, you are a failure and you give up. this program has served me well.


January was a great exercise month for me. I have put health and wellness into all of my 'personal development plans' for 2017. I desire to stick with it and inspire others. I have a goal set to lose 5 pounds - 10 times. In January I lost 8. I am working 'one day at a time' to develop better eating habits. I truly appreciate every opportunity that you and your great team bring to us…You are all so awesome and so inspiring! It’s so wonderful that my workplace has partnered with Wellness Collective…


The instructors are wonderful at offering a variety of levels and accommodations in classes and they make it fun! I look forward to more challenging and fun classes here.


I can definitely tell that I have become stronger since starting the barre class. It’s something I look forward to every Wednesday evening and always try my best to get my work done as early as possible so I can make it! It's great stress relief and so convenient that it is in my building!